What's this blog for?

I've attempted to start a blog multiple times. Observe my disused other "blogs":

Curly Whirly - a mismatched compilation of my hair vlogs (which are actually updated regularly), menstrual cup info, and hair posts. Wordpress is so complicated.

Tumblr - I've actually gotten into tumblr of late, with the funny pics and what not, but it's a not a place for a good solid blog, and it's too darn confusing to operate.

So I decided to start this blog, and it will be whatever's on my mind at the moment. I like Blogpost because it's a no brainer to edit and easy to follow, add a blog roll, and whatever you want. To do anything on wordpress takes like an hour to figure out. Basically I'm just lazy. But what I post here will be whatever I think is of interest at the moment. Likely, it will be quite random, but hopefully useful for the reader.

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