The DivaCup, A Review

I've decided to use this blog, mainly for menstrual cup reviews and other womanly matters. Since I've used a lot of brands of menstrual cups in the past, I think it would be helpful for me to post reviews here. At this point, some of you may be thinking, "what the heck is a menstrual cup?" Well, it's a cup made of medical grade silicone that collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it like traditional menstrual products. The purpose of this blog is to review the DivaCup, not to persuade you to try a cup, so go read "How to Decide About Using a Menstrual Cup" on wikiHow, if you would like more information. I've been a happy DivaCup user since last summer, so I don't exactly remember all the details exactly of my first experiences, but I'll will try to be as accurate as possible.

The DivaCup - Model 1

I bought my DivaCup at Rebelle, a little knitting store in Lexington, KY. (It's a very nice knitting store by the way.) I was so excited to try it out I accidentally bumped into someone at a stop light because I was reading the DivaCup box. Only a slight bump, and I didn't do anything to their car. But I advise putting the cup in the back seat while driving if you are easily distracted like me.

When I got home, I immediately smuggled the cup into my room and opened the box. (To this day, I still haven't told my mom that I use a menstrual cup.) I don't have any pictures of the packaging or the little diva pin, but they were darn cute. The box includes an instruction pamplet, one DivaCup, a pouch for the cup, and a flower/diva pin. I like the purple pouch, but since I've gotten it, the thread has unraveled around the ribbon drawstrings and one of the ribbons fell out. I still use it though, because I'm too lazy to find a new pouch.

Next, I examined the actual cup, which is about the size of an unfurled tampon. I was surprised by how soft and squishy it was. I had heard from the folks over at MenstrualCups.org, that you shouldn't do a dry run with your first menstrual cup, so I held off on trying it until my period came.

My first use of the cup went very smoothly, because I had read so much online and watched instructional videos as well. I was a non-virgin when I first tried the cup, but I had to remember not to tense up my vaginal muscles. Insertion was a breeze. You just fold it and pop it in. Then I swirl my hand around the base to make sure it's round and open. I remember it took a long time the first time I tried to get the cup out. I had to remember to bear down with my muscles and pinch the base of the cup to break the seal. Then I pulled it down and out. The first few times my removals were pretty messy and a little painful. Then I realized I had to keep the cup upright so it would spill, and I folded it into a C fold before removal to make it smaller.

A "C" Fold - large but pops open easily

The stem on the cup bothered me a lot for some reason, so I cut it off completely and filed down the edges with a nail board. At first it felt a little weird inside, but after awhile I couldn't feel it at all! This cup is made of very soft silicone. I got the smaller size (model 1) since I am under 30 and have never had children. I appreciated the measuring lines inside the cup, because it was easy to keep track of my flow, but the "DivaCup" and "Made in Canada" text on the inside rim is hard to clean. The suction release holes are right under the rim, maximizing its capacity (about 20-23ml, which beats even the largest tampons). I very rarely fill this cup, and it usually lasts me the whole day. The holes are very smaller however, and hard to clean without a needle or safety pin. Also, sometimes I have to remove my cup in order to do number 2, but never for number 1. I have had this cup for almost a year and it hasn't stained so far; I sun my cups on the windowsill after every period.

The measuring lines and logo on the inside of the cup.

When I first started using this cup I didn't have any leaks. I also wore it while swimming and it was fine. Once in a blue moon I will have a leak with this cup, but I think it's usually my fault. I sometimes forget to clean the holes on my cup before reinserting. If you are thinking of buying a menstrual cup, you should know that the DivaCup is one of the longest brands. I was lucky because I bought a DivaCup locally out of convenience, and I happened to have a high cervix. If you have a lower cervix the DivaCup will probably be too long for you. Also I advise buying a DivaCup online if you do, because they tend to be a lot cheaper.

The punch down fold is my favorite for the DivaCup.

Overall, I love this cup, and although I've tried several other brands, I always go back to this one for the start of my period. It has great capacity and it's very comfortable for me; I prefer long narrow cups, to wider, bell shaped cups. I was always self conscious when I had to go to the store to buy disposable menstrual products, and I now I don't have to do that anymore. Ever! My parents have always paid for menstrual products, but I know I will appreciate saving the money when I am on my own.

My cup is so much more comfortable than scratchy disposable pads; I despised sleeping on pads that would leak during the night and felt like I was wearing a diaper. For me, tampons were very uncomfortable, and I always felt like I had a stick up my poor vagina. I walked/ran a 10k with this cup in, and in general my cup is a lot more comfortable for exercising or running. I feel great because I'm no longer throwing away so many disposables every period. I also know a lot more about my body since I started using a menstrual cup. I actually sat down with a diagram and a mirror and identified my anatomy. My vagina is no longer a mysterious, strange hole; it's just another part of my body. I still hate the cramps that come with my period, but using a cup makes my period a much more positive experience. After the cramps go away, I forget I'm having my period because I only have to change my cup once or twice a day. And as far as leaking goes, tampons always leaked a little on me, and my cup leaks far less often, even at night. I feel a lot cleaner while on my period, because there is no odor with a cup and no risk of infections. The DivaCup gets 4.5 stars out of 5. :)

Leave a comment about your experiences with the DivaCup! For more information or to find a shop that sells DivaCups visit DivaCup.com.


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