Hello, welcome to the Vagina Monologues! I am a feminist, menstrual cup lover, cloth liner fanatic, sex and body positive blogger named Sarah. My obsession with all things vagina related started when I discovered what menstrual cups were in college. I was so excited I made flyers and put them up in all the campus girls bathrooms. It caused quite a stir and my close friends (the only ones that knew) still call me menstrual cup girl as a joke to this day.

So I started a blog as a better way to educate others about menstruation, eco-friendly menstrual products, birth control, and other vaginal adventures. Here you will find information about all of those things and more. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. The U.S. will always be my home but I currently reside in the U.A.E.

- Sarah aka "menstrual cup girl"

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