How to Win Free, Reusable Menstrual Products

For some people when they hear the phrase "reusable menstrual products" they make a weird face and try to forget about it. But for the woman that's tried a menstrual cup or cloth pads, such as myself, I know they are infinitely more comfortable and cost way less in the long run. If you'd like more information I'd recommend browsing through the wikiHow.com articles on menstrual cups, or checking out EcoMenses.com. To the point of this post, there are tons of contests happening every month for free products. Since these products don't have national advertising campaigns, they have to rely on the internet and word of mouth to get their products out there. So far I've won two free menstrual cups (a femmecup and a miacup) and I'm gonna just keep entering contests. The best way to find out about the contests is to follow the companies on Facebook or Twitter. Here I have compiled a list of the facebook pages. Enjoy and happy contest entering!

The Keeper/US Mooncup
UK Mooncup
NaturCup (in spanish)
Feminine Wear
Lunette Cup
FemmeCup Mexico (in spanish)
MissCup (in spanish)

As you can see there are a lot of brands--almost one in every country now. So go fan all those pages, check for updates and contests, and win win win. You also might want to check back to these pages periodically, since I miss things even though I check facebook a lot. And make sure to take advantage of multiple entries if they are part of a contest.

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