Eco-Friendly Period Products, a Brief Overview

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would write a post about the many eco-friendly feminine hygiene products that are out there for consumers to choose from. There are so many options to consider, in your drugstore aisle or your local organic foods store. I think every woman should at least consider switching to eco-friendly menstrual products, as they create less environmental waste, keeping the earth healthier, and they are not associated with serious health problems like Toxic Shock Syndrome. So here is a list of environmental alternatives for your period:
  • Organic cotton pads tampons -  For those of us that are dearly attached to our disposable menstrual products (aka most women), this is a great option for making your period more environmentally friendly without sacrificing your disposable products. Admittedly, you will still be producing waste, but companies such as Natracare and Seventh Generation make an increased effort to cut down on packaging. As well organic cotton products are free from harmful chemicals, such as chorine, dyes, and fragrances… they also shed fibers and leave them behind in the vagina like most non-organic brands.  So this is a great option if you’re not comfortable with trying reusable products, and your body and the environment will thank you for switching to an organic brand. (I have recently received some Natracare products from a contest on BePreparedPeriod so I am excited to try them out.)

  • Reusable Instead Softcup / Instead Softcup – Instead Softcup is composed of a plastic sac attached to a firm ring, that is used to collect menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. Softcup is a good intermediary between disposable and reusable menstrual products. Softcup can be worn while sleeping or during intercourse. Personally, I reuse regular Softcup for one period, but the company has also recently come out with a “reusable” version that was designed specifically to be used for one period. (You need to rinse Softcup between uses.) These still create waste of course, but they are healthy for your body and a good stepping stone if you are considering reusable menstrual cups.
    Reusable Instead Softcup
    • Sea sponge tampons – Sea sponge tampons or "pearls" are made from well, sea sponges, and are used like regular tampons. They are very soft and are reusable for about six months. They are also healthier for your body, and will cut down on how much waste you use.  However, like all reusable menstrual products, you do have to clean and take care of them.
      Jade & Pearl Sea Pearls
      • Menstrual Cups – Menstrual cups are the big daddy of reusable period products, because they can be reused for years and years. They are bell shaped cups made of medical grade silicone that collect menstrual fluid. They need to been rinsed between uses, and cleaned between periods, but they are extremely comfortable and can be worn while sleeping. These are also healthier for your body and the earth. They come in lots of fun colors as well!
      • Menstrual Cups come in many colors/sizes.
      • Cloth Pads – If you prefer not to use internal products while you’re on your period, but you want something that is reusable, cloth pads are for you. These are very comfortable and absorbent, and come in lots of fun colors and patterns. They are extremely easy to use, but do require cleaning after each use which involves throwing them in the washer and dryer.

      So I hope y'all found this post helpful. Have a great week!

      FTC: This post was sponsored by Softcup/Evofem. I was compensated to mention Softcup in this post, but these are my 100% honest opinions as always.

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