PMS - Pre Menstrual Silliness

Hello dears! Today I am going to be covering the topic of PMS, aka Pre Menstrual Silliness. For me personally, I usually experience lower abdominal cramps, leg aches, sadness and irritability, and general tiredness—the emotional tendencies beginning a little before my actual period and everything continuing into my period. The best remedy for all of these is to pamper yourself with lots of chocolate and relaxation time, but as a busy college student, that’s usually not an option. So I usually try to go to bed earlier, take some pain medicine, use my laptop as a heating pad, drink tea, eat yummy food, and avoid stressing myself out as much as possible.  

No heating pad? Overheated macbook to the rescue!

Now that I use reusable cups or Softcup for my period, I have one less thing to stress about because I don’t have to worry about changing my period protection once every eight hours. I also never used to sleep well when I used pads at night, because I experienced frequent leaks. I love my cups for this reason; I can wear an internal menstrual product while sleeping, and I can sleep for hours and hours without a leak. Menstrual cups and cloth pads have saved some of my pretty undies—that’s for sure!

reusable Softcup :)

Some women that start using Softcup or reusable cups also say that their cramps go away completely. I wish this were the case for me, but I still get pretty bad cramps, which spread down to my upper legs, even though I use my cups.  However, as I’ve mentioned before, I find cups to be much more comfortable to wear. I would occasionally be aware of the fact that I had a tampon in, but with cups I can forget about it and have one less bother.

Lunette & DivaCup

So that’s all I have to say about PMS. Please leave a comment with your opinions on the topic!

FTC: I was asked to do this series of posts on Instead Softcup by their marketing company, and I am being compensated,however these are still my 100% honest opinions about the product and my lifestyle.


  1. Totally agree; my Femmecup is my saviour (and my underwear's saviour)!